NGCCI Zoom Webinar on “COVID 19 Impact, Challenges & Way Forward for German Related Business in Nepal”

Amid all these COVID -19 Pandemic and its impact on global business environment, NGCCI made an effort to talk and share about the issues created by covid in Nepal German business, its impacts and challenges they are facing and the most importantly to try to find out what the business communities in Nepal feels about the future.

The NGCCI Zoom Webinar, COVID 19 Impact, Challenges & Way Forward for German Related Business in Nepal” organized by NGCCI on April 19, 2021 was focused on sharing industry experience among NGCCI members with regards to Nepal German Business state and perspective of EU Delegation/German Embassy/GIZ Nepal/Ministry on the current pandemic of Covid 19.

 The virual platform started with welcome remarks by President Mr. Anup Bahadur Malla was honored by Remarks by two Excellencies H.E. Nona Deprez, Ambassador, European Union Delegation to Nepal and H.E. Roland Schaefer, Ambassador of F.R. Germany to Nepal, from GIZ Nepal Ms. Milu Shakya, and from Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Supplies, Mr. Prakash Dahal, Joint Secretary to share their perspective on the current pandemic of COVID 19.

The speakers comprising of Nepal –German Business representatives, Mr. Naresh Lal Shrestha VP/NGCCI, Chairman, Bagmati Arts & Handicrafts from Handicraft Sector, Ms. Mishu Shrestha founder Mishu’s from Textile/Pashmina Sector, Mr. Peter Effenberger, MD One World ALC- Herb & Agro Sector, Ms. Adyaa Pandey, Impact and Sustainability Manager, Royal Mountain Travel, Tourism Sector and Mr. Tenzing Sherpa, Proprietor, N.P Rugs Industries from Manufacturing Sector.

Their industry experiences with regard to Nepal German businesses on the Impact of COVID 19 on their businesses, expressions on challenges they are facing and how they have managed their businesses and their plans and efforts to way forward adopting and sustaining in current business environment were very interesting and insightful discussion for all the participants.

The program concept was initiated and developed by Executive Member Mr. Rajib Joshi. Mr. Joshi, highlighted on the webinar outputs during his concluding remarks. The program was moderated by CEO Ms. Saraswati Maharjan. General Secretary Mr. Uttam Bhattarai thanked all speakers, participants and all members for the successful webinar.