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Member's Directory

Nepal-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Members Directory 2007 - 2009

PRICE : Nrs. 500

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Nepal-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ace Apartment No. 101, Narayan Chour, Naxal Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tel : 977-1-4413208/4413209/4413286
Fax : 977-1-4411608
Email :,


Part 1 : NGCCI Profile
1.1 NGCCI-An Introduction
1.2 Mission Statement
1.3 Vision Statement
1.4 Objectives
1.5 Focus of NGCCI Programs
1.6 Services Provide by NGCCI
1.7 Major activities undertaken by NGCCI (1992-2006)
1.8 Financial Resources
1.9 How NGCCI operates
1.10 Secretariat
1.11 Organizational Structure of NGCCI
1.12 The Executive Committee Members (2007-2009)
1.13 NGCCI Committees 2007-2009
1.14 Membership
1.15 Number of Members (1990-2007)
1.16 Areas of business activities of members
1.17 Cooperation partners
1.18 Honorary Representatives

Part 2 : Key Data and Facts about Nepal and Germany
2.1 Map of Nepal and Germany
2.2 Key Data and Facts about Nepal
2.3 Key Data and Facts about Germany
2.4 Trade and investment Indicators
2.5 Nepalese Trade and Investment Policy
2.6 Import Regulation and Customs, Duties
and Tax in Germany
2.7 International Trade Fairs in Germany

Part 3 : Members Profile
3.1 List of All Member’s Organizations
3.2 List of member’s Organization by
Business Activities
3.3 Profiles of member Organization

Part 4 : Useful Address
4.1 Useful Addresses in Nepal
4.2 Useful Addresses in Germany

Nepal Dialing Codes
Germany Dialing Codes
Postal Code
Difference in Time From Nepal

Other Useful Publications


This book is in a tabulated format, with each chapter separated by colored tabs, which makes it easier for interseted investors to get quick answers to their questions. In addition to the text, this book also has an interactive CD attached, the content of the CD is designed in web based format which makes it easier for investors to browse , print and view details as easy as visting a web site.

Nominal Charge :
Nrs. 200.00
EURO 2,50